Enjoying the Calm

Enjoying the Calm

Today I approached the lake
And observed that she was very still
She said, I’m thinking
About what, I asked
My destiny,
About where I’m going
Ah, me too, I said
I’d rather stay here with you
Me too, I agreed
This valley holds infinite beauty
And nourishes my breath and body
She said, But if we stay here
We will not discover 
What may happen
If we were to explore
I said, True,
But we can be
Here together now,
Enjoy your sparkling sunshine,
And not worry about leaving just yet
She said the winter storms are coming
I don’t want them to, but they will
The waves and current 
Will carry this me away
I know, I said
We will spend some time
And enjoy the calm

By Laura E. Garrard
Oct. 8 2021

All photos above and below by Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2021

I Became a Drop of Water One Day

In celebration of Poetry in Your Pocket Day, during this Poetry Month of April, I recorded myself reciting this poem (in the above video) while kayaking on Crescent Lake.

I became a drop of water one day
I floated from a cloud into a high hillside creek
And flowed downward to join a magnificent turquoise river
The river rushed into an emerald oblong lake
Where I greeted trout and merganser feet
I filled the entire lake as all drops linked together
I felt my body reach from one shore to the other
As well as separate to myself, the original droplet
After I had known fully my lake environ
I streamed out to the bay, then rougher moving sea
Joining currents stronger than me
Carrying me to other shores and other beings
I grew in knowledge, strength, and courage
Finally after a lifespan, I recognized myself again
For the water is me
Fills me
Nourishes me
And heals me
I became a drop of water one day
And through it realized the essence of all creation

By Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2021
Feb. 5, 2021

[Top and Below Photos all by Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2021]

Someday Is Here

I sigh
Sitting on a tree
Someday is here

By Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2021
March 15, 2021

[Photo Top: "Sitting on a Tree;" Below Left: "Thinking Log;" Below Right: "Rainforest Window;" By Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2021]

Ever get
To sit
Inside a tree?

By Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2021
March 18, 2021