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The Legend of the Bell Mansion

Read and listen to Laura E. Garrard’s Halloween poem “The Legend of the Bell Mansion,” a narrative she based on historical accounts of the haunted Bell family of the Red River community in Robertson County, Tennessee.

I’m Already Looking Forward

I’m Already Looking Forward As the height of golden color Becomes baked and matted I can already see in mind’s eye The blooming locations of next year’s beauties And smell the sweetness of black cottonwood resin A mere six months to wait Things may be so different I don goose down and Gore-Tex In preparation…

Enjoying the Calm

Enjoying the Calm Today I approached the lake And observed that she was very still. She said, I’m thinking. About what? I asked. My destiny, About where I’m going. Ah, me too, I said. I’d rather stay here with you. Me too, I agreed, This valley holds infinite beauty And nourishes my breath and body.…

I Became a Drop of Water One Day

In celebration of Poetry in Your Pocket Day, during this Poetry Month of April, I recorded myself reciting this poem (in the above video) while kayaking on Crescent Lake. I became a drop of water one day I floated from a cloud into a high hillside creek And flowed downward to join a magnificent turquoise…

Forest Spotlights

I honor Earth Day 2021 with a poem about the sun’s spotlights within the forest drawing our attention to the details.


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