By Agnes Bourne | Contributed Poem “I Sit, I Wait,” By Laura E. Garrard

Moments is a Commonplace Book dedicated and intended to provide time out for rejuvenation and play with images and phrases that delight. It is meant to satisfy the sudden need to take a moment off from the task or duty that might be feeling burdensome. Blank pages are provided for additions to be made by hand, transforming this collection into a personal Commonplace Book. Just take a moment with images and sayings that have come from other people who took the time to capture an everyday revelation or discovery. Add your own favorite phrases and drawings.

Like the Commons in England that were pastures for grazing the cows and sheep of the town’s residents, the printed Commons provides nourishment for the imagination and entertainment for anyone who might open to a random page. Instant refreshment.”

Quoted from author Agnes Bourne’s Website,