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By Laura E. Garrard

Copyright 2021

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I’m Already Looking Forward

I’m Already Looking Forward As the height of golden color Becomes baked and matted I can already see in mind’s eye The blooming locations of last year’s beauties And smell the sweetness of black cottonwood resin A mere six months to wait Things may be so different I don goose down and Gore-Tex In preparationContinue reading “I’m Already Looking Forward”

Broken Halves

Broken halves
Jagged line
A leaf
Has fallen
My hand

Enjoying the Calm

Enjoying the Calm Today I approached the lake And observed that she was very still She said, I’m thinking About what, I asked My destiny, About where I’m going Ah, me too, I said I’d rather stay here with you Me too, I agreed This valley holds infinite beauty And nourishes my breath and bodyContinue reading “Enjoying the Calm”

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