Laura E. Garrard

Poet & Artist

Welcome to Poetry In Time, a blog of poetry and imagery to inspire personal responses. As in the lives of many, 2020 created much change in my life. After a wind of events, I landed in Olympic National Park due to my husband’s work. Now I awake beside a lake to eagle calls. Fortunate, you bet. Planned, not so. At first our move felt impulsive. However after a short while, I discovered what disconnection to my past work and community could offer–an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with nature and therefore with myself.

What is joy, really? Who am I without title, reputation, or achievement? How do I heal? What is nature telling me? What are my true callings, and is this an important question in this timing of my life? These are questions that may be the backdrop of Poetry In Time. However, the first priority of this creation is to organically and spontaneously interact with the wilderness surrounding me and write in response.

I am the student of ancient evergreen needles, moss, and bark. I am the observer of water fowl swimming and diving off the lakeshore. I am the listener of lapping waves, woodpecker knocks, and eagle soars. I walk, sit, tarry, witness. I respond on whims. I sit still for a while and sit longer still. When my body moves in its own timing, I am then ready to return.

Radical return to self also stems from the realization that we are not separate from the environment web, no matter our house walls and technology. Nature, along with our own part in it, has knowledge I desire, and beyond that a true friendship I require. Perhaps she points the way back to myself, a girl poised on a rock beside California’s Clear Lake, writing a poem about an eagle in flight with no one else in sight.

Poetry is wonderfully subjective, as with art. I hope that you enjoy experiencing my personal responses to the natural, the human, the wild, and the wild within. When you’re moved to thought, I invite you to comment and participate. Then create your own love story.

I Create in Response to Nature, Beauty, Thought, and Life
  • Become Still
  • Observe & Listen
  • Respond
  • Create


Laura began writing poetry in childhood, and in youth two of her poems were published in children’s collections in Northern California. In recent years, her poetry has been shown with her fine art in exhibits and has been published online and in Teton Spirit magazine in her previous home, Jackson Hole. In 2020, internationally renowned interior designer and author Agnes Bourne selected one of Garrard’s poems to include in her book, Moments, published by Commonplace Books. She holds a master’s degree in communications with a journalism focus from The University of Tennessee-Knoxville. For over 10 years, she worked as an independent proofreader for Rutledge Hill Press and Thomas Nelson Publishing. She also has worked as a publishing copyeditor, graphic designer, print production manager, and yoga instructor. Most recently she closed her 15-year-old private practice providing Reiki, manual lymph drainage, CranioSacral Therapy, and therapeutic massage. She still provides remote energy healing sessions and practices yoga in her lakeside home in Olympic National Park.