Enjoying the Calm

Enjoying the Calm

Today I approached the lake
And observed that she was very still
She said, I’m thinking
About what, I asked
My destiny,
About where I’m going
Ah, me too, I said
I’d rather stay here with you
Me too, I agreed
This valley holds infinite beauty
And nourishes my breath and body
She said, But if we stay here
We will not discover 
What may happen
If we were to explore
I said, True,
But we can be
Here together now,
Enjoy your sparkling sunshine,
And not worry about leaving just yet
She said the winter storms are coming
I don’t want them to, but they will
The waves and current 
Will carry this me away
I know, I said
We will spend some time
And enjoy the calm

By Laura E. Garrard
Oct. 8 2021

All photos above and below by Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2021

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