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Recently, one of my poems (“I Sit, I Wait,” see below) was published in a beautiful book, Moments. In similar timing, my husband and I moved to a lake on the Olympic Peninsula. My life changed considerably, permitting more time to be still, observe nature, respond within, and capture my thoughts in poetry, photography, and art. Encouraged by the author and purpose of Moments, I am publishing my responses in time with my creation. I hope you will enjoy taking time to read, reflect, and respond.

You may find yourself inspired to create. To access a handheld rich guide for your journey, consider purchasing a copy of Moments (Amazon or at Bring it along, read or view, then write or draw, even within its pages.

 I sit, I wait
 Am I on time?
 We set the date
 Her fault or mine?
 Here I wait
 My gut grows wary
 My mind says don't react
 Or rush away
 See and stay
 Insecure and know not why
 It's in my calendar 
 Clearly there,
 What if I'm incorrect 
 I sit, I wait
 Should I stay
 Do I go
 Thoughts keep churning
 Instant world, hate not to know
 I breathe
 Decide, yes wait
 What else really to do
 No phone, have faith
 By Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2020
 Jan. 3, 2020 
 Published 2020 in Moments, p. 134

[Top Photo: "Cedar Drumming" By Laura E. Garrard, Copyright 2021.
Middle Photo: Stock Photography. 
Collage: Images from Moments (A. Bourne, Commonplace, 2020)]


  1. Bertha says:

    I wait is a reflective poem that allows us to examine time we have or may have in thinking about the essence of life. What has
    life been to us? How has it affected us? What changes are apparent?

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  2. Waiting for answers amidst uncertainty can be difficult. But waiting is sometimes the only thing to do, and relying on faith that answers will come.


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